Duplicity in Liberal Interpretations of the Importance of the Constitution

The Constitution of the United States of America

I find it interesting that, after the bombardment of Libya, Dennis Kucinich and others (Democrats and Republicans) are now parading it around as though it were a sacred cow.

Kucinich says that what Obama did (by not consulting Congress) was an impeachable offense—it doesn’t agree with the Constitution. And so it was. Congress, not the President, is given all authority to declare war (or attack others in this case) according to Article I Section 8 of the document.

Kucinich then said something that I find wholly obtuse. In essence, he stated that just because it’s an impeachable offense, that doesn’t mean we have to impeach the President.

Huh?! If the highest office of the land acts in a manner contrary to the Constitution which gives that office its powers, then mustn’t impeachment follow as a matter of course? How can an “impeachable offense” remain unchallenged, according to the laws set forth in the instrument which established the government in the first place?

Why is it that the Constitution is suddenly so important when liberals need it to be? Kucinich and many other Dems are crying “Foul!” that the Constitution wasn’t followed, yet they have shown extraordinary disdain for the document when it’s at odds with what they seek to do. The entire bailouts, running up huge deficits, dictating health care to the people and the several states—these are all un-, non-, or extra-constitutional in their own right.

Can anyone (liberal OR conservative) just stand by and agree to this complete ethical and moral breakdown? I’m talking about the one in which we use something when we can, and trash it otherwise…

So which is it? Is the Constitution to be followed and adhered to? Or can we just throw it away and govern on a de facto basis, with the government now being an entity unto itself and no need for a “piece of paper” to rule?

I’m neither for nor against impeaching Obama. But I think the law should be the law and nothing—not even a President; especially not a President—should be above it.

I also know intuitively that any sentiments that seek to persuade and sway against the Constitution as it has stood (though numerous times amended) for over two hundred years are downright dastardly and lack any honorable or virtuous claim. And this fact is according to valid reasoning across the board, from the enlightenment right through to today’s secular ethics taught in universities, from cultural mores to religious strivings for the ultimate good.

I dare anyone of good faith and honorable caste to deny it…


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